Sets whether the field value should be automatically incremented.

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Property Value

Yes if the field value is automatically incremented; otherwise, No. The default value is Yes.

If you want to manually assign a value to a field that has the AutoIncrement property set to Yes, you must be member of the SQL Server db_owner database permission set.


A table can only contain one auto-increment field. The numbers assigned to this field will not always be consecutive for the following reasons:

  • If you delete some records from a table, the numbers used for these records are not reused.
  • If several transactions are performed at the same time, they will each be assigned a different number. However, if one of these transactions is rolled back, the number that it was assigned is not reused.

If you add an auto-increment field to an existing table, the field automatically generates consecutive values and inserts them into the table. If you enable the AutoIncrement property for a field that already contains data, there must be no zero values in the field.

The AutoIncrement property is designed to always assign numbers automatically. If you want to insert a record, be sure that the value in this field is blank before you insert the record.

The AutoIncrement property does not work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV temporary tables.

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