Åbn vinduet Kopiér virksomhed.

Creates a new company in the current database that is based on the chosen company.

In the Regnskabsoversigt window, you can create a new company, or you can create a copy of an existing company. When you create a copy, the business data is copied to the new company.


Felt Beskrivelse

New Company Name

Specify the name of the new company.

The company name can have a maximum of 30 characters. If the database collation is case-sensitive, you can have one company called COMPANY and another called Company. However, if the database is case-insensitive, you cannot create companies with names that differ only by case.

If the company name starts with CRONUS in uppercase letters and you use a demonstration license, the company automatically becomes a demonstration company with all the restrictions that are set in the Demonstrationsdatabasen CRONUS. For example, in CRONUS you can only post between November and February.


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