Controls the caption that is used in the label of a field in a database table or in the label of a control on a page.

Applies To

  • Table Fields
  • Page Fields


The data type of the C/AL expression must be either Text (maximum length 80) or Code.

Because this property lets you enter an expression, Microsoft Dynamics NAV must be able to differentiate between a literal string like 'DIM1' and a variable or function called DIM1. Every text string that you enter must be enclosed in ' ' or it will be interpreted as a variable or function. You must enter a value that results in a string. For example, if you want to enter 1 + 5, you must either enter '1+ 5', or FORMAT(1 + 5), which results in '6'.

The expression is then interpreted by trigger 15 in codeunit 1.

C/AL expression Comments


This value produces an error unless a text variable exists with the name DIM1.


OK. The caption is 'DIM1.'


OK. The caption is 'DIM2.'


Error. The data type is Integer

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