Causes the system to display a lookup page.

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There are three lookup options:

  1. Default Lookup - The lookup into the table is performed without applying filters or other special parameters.
  2. Field Lookup - You can use this trigger to define a field lookup that will be used in place of the default lookup.
  3. Text box Lookup - You can use the OnLookup (Page fields) Trigger to define a lookup based on the value of a text box. This value will be used in place of the default lookup or the field lookup.

When using this trigger, follow this approach:

  • Use the field value to determine what filters or other parameters to apply.
  • Run the lookup page as a modal page.
  • Transfer the value the user selects back to the field when the user chooses OK.

If an error occurs in the trigger code, the lookup page is closed.

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