Sets the number of rows that a field spans in a GridLayout control.

Applies to

Field controls that are in a GridLayout control on a page.

Property Values

An integer that specifies the number of rows to span the field.


When you set a field to span several rows, then the field occupies the cells in the rows below it and existing fields in the occupied cells are moved to the right. For example, the following illustration shows a GridLayout control that consists of four fields arranged in two rows.

GridLayout of 4 fields in 2 rows and 2 columns

If you set Field 1 to span two rows, then the following layout is displayed:

GridLayout showing row span
The RowSpan property is not supported by the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client. If the page displays in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client, then the property is ignored and the field will not span any rows.

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