Creates a FastTab control on a Card page.

You can use FastTab controls to add data in groups on Card or Task pages. If a group is expanded, then you see all fields in a group. If it is collapsed, then you only see the summary line. When you organize data with FastTabs, you help users find key information quickly, and you give them an overview of areas that would otherwise remain hidden.

To open this window, on the Tools menu, choose Object Designer, choose Page, and then choose the New button. On the New Page window, select a table from the list, select Create a page using a wizard, select Card, and then choose the OK button.

Page Designer Wizard Window, FastTab

Controls Description

FastTab Name list box

Specifies the FastTab control to create.

Next button

Moves to the next page. From the next page, you select the fields that you want on the FastTab.

Finish button

Opens Page Designer.

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