Lists the objects that can be selected. This list can contain any kind of object. For example, when you create an item in a MenuSuite, you can create the item from a list of available objects.

To open this window, in Navigation Pane Designer, right-click a folder, and then choose Create Item. In the Object Type field, select an object, and then choose the Up Arrow button in the Object ID field.

For more information about how to open Navigation Pane Designer, see Navigation Pane Designer.

The following table describes the <object> list windows.

<Object> List Description

Table List

List the tables that are available.

Page List

List the pages that are available.

Report List

List the reports that are available.

Codeunit List

List the codeunits that are available.

Query List

List the queries that are available.

XMLport List

List the XMLports that are available.

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