Specifies the sorting and filtering for the data item.

To open this window, on the Tools menu, choose Object Designer, choose Report, choose the Design button, choose a DataItem, and then on the View menu, choose Properties. Locate the DataItemTableView property, and then choose the AssistButton in the Value column.


Field Description


Specifies a table key on which you want to sort the data in the report or choose the Up Arrow button to select a key from the Key List window. If you specify a key, then this data item does not have a FastTab on the request page, and end users cannot select a key for sorting, sort order, or filters for the data item.


Specifies the sort order by choosing either Ascending or Descending from the drop-down list. If you specify a sort order, then this sort order is used for the report regardless of the sort order that the end user selects on the request page.

Table Filter

Specifies a filter expression to use to filter the data in the report or choose the AssistEdit button to enter a filter in the Table Filter window. If you specify a filter, then this filter is not displayed on the request page, but it is used along with any filters that the end user specifies on the request page.

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