Retrieves records from one or more tables and combines the records into rows and columns in a single dataset. You create queries in the development environment with Query Designer.

To open this window, on the Tools menu, choose Object Designer, choose Query, and then choose the Design button. Choose the New button instead of the Design button to design a new query.

In Query Designer, tables are specified by data items. You combine tables by linking the data items in Query Designer. In most cases, the tables are combined based on a relationship between certain fields in the tables. Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes different types of data item links that you can use to limit the records that are included in the resulting dataset by how the fields in data item tables are related to each other.


Field Description


Expands and collapses all indented hierarchy. This includes child data items and columns.


Specifies the type of data to include in the dataset. You can choose one of the following types of data:

  • DataItem
  • Column
  • Filter

Data Source

Specifies the table to retrieve the dataset from.


Specifies the name of the data item, column, or filter element.

Method Type

Specifies the date or totals type method on the query column. For more information, see MethodType Property.


Specifies either a date method for retrieving the year, month, or day from a Date field or a totals method for performing calculations on field values. For more information, see Method Property.

Group By

Specifies that records are grouped by this column. You cannot change the contents of this field. It is automatically calculated from the defined columns. All columns where Method Type is not Totals are used for grouping.

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