Sets a value that determines how text in a field on a page is formatted.

Applies To

  • Page field controls that contain text

Property Value

The following table lists the values and their formatting.

Value Formatting








Blue + Bold


Red + Italic


Blue + Italic


Bold + Green


Bold + Italic + Red






The Style property works together with the StyleExpr Property value to determine whether the field is formatted. If the StyleExpr Property evaluates to true, then the value of the field is formatted as specified by the Style property.

By default, the Style property is not set.

This property is not supported if one of the following data types is used for the SourceExpr of the field:

  • Code
  • Boolean
  • Binary
  • BLOB
  • GUID
  • RecordID

On pages, you use the Style property for group, part, field, and action controls. You can change the formatting of a control either statically by setting the property to true or false, or dynamically by using a Boolean variable or a Boolean field on the page. The Boolean field on the page can be either a true/false Boolean or a Boolean expression, such as “Credit Limit > Sales YTD”.

Example: Dynamic Property Change Using a Boolean Field

To make the value in the Balance (LCY) field on customer cards bold green when line discounts are allowed, follow these steps:

  1. Open page 21, Customer Card, with Page Designer.
  2. View the properties of field 22, Balance (LCY).
  3. For the Style property, enter Favorable in the Value field.
  4. For the StyleExpr property, enter “Allow Line Disc.” in the Value field.
    The Allow Line Disc. field is a Boolean field on page 21, Customer Card.
  5. Save the changes on page 21.

Now, when a user selects the Allow Line Disc. check box on a customer card, the format of the Balance (LCY) field value changes to bold green. Otherwise, the field is not formatted.

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