A permission set is a set of permissions for a set of objects in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database that you can assign to one or more users. A number of predefined permission sets are provided by default in the CRONUS International Ltd. demonstration database. You can use these permission sets as defined, modify them, or create your own permission sets.

When you create a new Microsoft Dynamics NAV database, only one permission set is provided automatically: the SUPER permission set.

As you create and define permissions for permission sets in a new database, remember to always add the BASIC permission set, which grants users access to required system tables and other fundamental tables.

The BASIC permission set is provided in an XML file, UserRoles.xml, which you import into your database using a RoleTailored client. Permissions for the BASIC permission set are provided in a separate XML file, UserRolePermissions.xml, which you also import. For more information, see How to: Work with the BASIC Permission Set.

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