A FactBox is the area that is located on the right-most side of a page. This area is used to display content including other pages, charts, and system parts such as Microsoft Outlook, Notes, and Record Links. Typically, you can use a FactBox to display information that is related to an item on the main content page. For example, on a page that shows a sales order list, you can use a FactBox to show sell-to customer sales history for a selected sales order in the list. The following illustration shows a FactBox on sales order page.

Shows FactBox on a sales order

A FactBox is divided into one or more parts that are arranged vertically. Each part can contain one of the following objects:

Supported Page Types

A FactBox is only supported on the following pages:

  • Card
  • Document
  • List
  • ListPlus
  • Navigate
  • Worksheet

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