A codeunit is a container for C/AL code that you can use in many application objects. This section describes codeunits and explains how to create one. It also shows you how to use the functions in a codeunit from other application objects.

Understanding Codeunits

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Learn the purpose and function of codeunits.

Understanding Codeunits

Learn how to use the C/AL Editor.

Creating and Modifying Codeunits

Learn how to access codeunits and limitations of codeunits.

Using Codeunits

Follow step-by-step procedures that show how to use codeunits.

Walkthrough: Using Codeunits

Developing Codeunits

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Learn how to create a codeunit.

How to: Create a Codeunit

Learn how to modify a codeunit.

How to: Modify an Existing Codeunit and How to: Add a Function to a Codeunit

Learn how to compile and save codeunits.

How to: Compile the Code in a Codeunit and How to: Save a Codeunit