This topic contains information about how to implement a secure Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client connection to Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server over a wide area network (WAN). The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server computers can be in the same or separate Active Directory domains.

For additional information about hosting and WAN connections, see the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Team Blog and search for the terms hosting and performance.


The implementation that is used in these topics assumes the following:

  • User accounts are provisioned in an Active Directory domain. SQL Server and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server are installed on a computer in this domain.
  • The administrator who is creating this implementation is a member of the domain administrator group in this domain.
  • On the computer that is running Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server, a DNS entry that resolves to the published server port on the computerís firewall exists for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.
  • If the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client or Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server is behind a firewall, then you must open a port to communicate with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client computer and publish the port on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server computer. The default port number is 7046.
  • The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server are configured as described in the Walkthrough: Installing the Three Tiers on Three Computers topic in the MSDN Library.

Implementing the Windows Client over a Wide Area Network

The implementation that is shown in these topics includes instructions for protecting your WAN connections with security certificates. We recommend that you do not implement remote access without security certificates.

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