To import upgrade Step 1 objects, open Object Designer in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Classic client and import the Upgrade601700.1.fob file.

You will receive a message that the client cannot import the objects because there are objects already in the database with conflicting versions. Choose the OK button and then, in the Import Worksheet dialog box, choose Replace All.

The Upgrade601700.1.fob file contains several standard application objects.

Table ID Table name

Table 239

BOM Register

Table 355

Ledger Entry Dimension

Table 356

Journal Line Dimension

Table 357

Document Dimension

Table 358

Production Document Dimension

Table 359

Posted Document Dimension

Table 361

G/L Budget Dimension

Table 389

Service Contract Dimension

Table 827

DO Payment Credit Card

Table 5106

Document Dimension Archive

Table 5648

FA Allocation Dimension

Table 7135

Item Budget Dimension

These objects are cleaned of all code and variables before they are added to the Upgrade601700.1.fob file. This is to make sure that you do not receive compilation errors when you compile these objects in Step 2. This enables you to focus on resolving compilation errors caused by customization or changes in the platform.

If you have added your own fields to any of these tables, you have to replicate these changes before importing the objects.

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