Creates an OutStream object for a binary large object (BLOB). This enables you to write data to the BLOB.

Blob.CreateOutStream(Stream) [,TextEncoding.value]



Type: Variable

The BLOB variable for which you are creating the OutStream object.


Type: OutStream

The OutStream object type that has been created.


Value: MsDos, UTF8, UTF16, or Windows

Optionally, you can specify the encoding on the stream. By specifying the text encoding, you ensure that all the language-specific characters are represented correctly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV when you read data and write data. The following example illustrates how you can set the encoding to Windows when you create a stream for a BLOB field.

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MyTable.MyBLOBfield.CREATEINSTREAM(MyStream, TextEncoding.WINDOWS)
For more information, see Text Encoding.

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