Sets the values of a C/AL text constant for the different languages that are available in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Applies To

Local and global text constants in the C/AL code of objects.


The ConstValue property is enabled for multiple languages. It contains a list of text values for the languages that are available in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The value that is used in the RoleTailored client is selected according to the user's language settings. For more information, see Multilanguage Development.

The ConstValueML property has the following format.

<Language ID>=<string>

  • <Language ID> is the Windows three-letter language ID.
  • <string> is the text string for the language.

If you have more than one language entry, then separate each consecutive entry with a semicolon.

The following example illustrates a ConstValueML property value.


In this example, values are set for Danish (DAN), English (United States), Spanish Traditional Sort (ESP), and French Standard (FRA).

To specify values for languages

  1. In the ConstValueML value field, choose the AssistEdit button.

    The Multilanguage Editor opens and displays two columns: Language and Value. The Language column is populated with all languages that are defined by Windows.

  2. To specify the value for a language, enter the value in the Value column for that language.

  3. To save the changes, choose the OK button.

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