Opens an ASCII or binary file. This function does not create the file if it does not exist.

[Ok := ] File.OPEN(Filename[,TextEncoding.value])



Type: File

Specifies the file.


Type: Text

Specifies the name and path of the file to open.


Value: MsDos, UTF8, UTF16, or Windows

Optionally, you can specify the encoding on the file. By specifying the text encoding, you ensure that all the language-specific characters are represented correctly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV when you read data and write data.

For more information, see Text Encoding.

Property Value/Return Value

Type: Boolean

Specifies whether the file was opened. If you omit this optional return value and if the file cannot be found, then a run-time error occurs.

true if the file was opened; otherwise, false.


If you call OPEN on a file variable that refers to an open file, then the function does not automatically close the existing file and open the new file. You must explicitly call the CLOSE Function (File) to close the existing file. If you call OPEN on a file that is already open, then a run-time error occurs.


This example shows how to open an .xml file for reading in text mode. To use this example, you must create the simple.xml file at C:\temp and create the following variable.

Variable DataType



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If you want to be explicit about the encoding of a file, you can set the TextEncoding parameter. The following code example replaces the last statement in the previous example.

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TestFile.OPEN('C:\temp\simple.xml', TextEncoding.Windows);

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