Use this function before you use OPEN Function (File) to set or test whether you can write to a file in later calls.

[IsWritemode :=] File.WRITEMODE([SetWritemode])



Type: File

Use this variable to refer to the file.


Type: Boolean

This variable is used to set the mode that the file will be opened in when File.OPEN is called.

true if the file is open for reading and writing; otherwise, false, if the file is open only for reading.

Property Value/Return Value

Type: Boolean

The current setting of this option for the file.

true if you can read from and write to the file; otherwise, false if you can only read from the file.


This function should be used before OPEN Function (File) is used to open the file.


The following example opens a file in write mode and writes text to the file. The WRITEMODE Function (File) allows the text file that is named C:/TestFolder/TestFile.txt for to be written to by setting SetWritemode parameter to true. The WRITE Function (File) writes the text ‘Hello World’ to the text file. The CLOSE Function (File) closes the file after the file is written to. This example assumes that you have created a text file that is named C:/TestFolder/TestFile.txt. This example requires that you create the following variable in the C/AL Globals window.

Variable name DataType



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TestFile.WRITE('Hello World’);

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