Action submenus can be placed on pages in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client, under any of the three main actions menus:

Create an actions submenu if you have too many actions to fit under a single actions menu. Action submenus help you to break down the numerous tasks related to a business process, into smaller, related groups.

For example, on the Customers list page, under Related Information there are two submenus with submenu actions.

Actions menu Submenu Submenu actions

Related Information


  • Ship-to Address
  • Contact


  • Prices
  • Line Discounts

The preceding table shows a small selection of submenu actions from the Customers list page. You can see that by grouping related activities together, it is possible to reduce the length of individual action menus, and make it easier for employees to find the actions they want to perform.

Creating an Action Submenu

Use Action Designer to create action submenus and individual actions to place under these menus.

You create action submenus as an Action Group type in Action Designer. Each Action Group can have any number of child elements placed below it in the hierarchy. Each row in Action Designer is indented. It is this indentation that determines the level of the action in the navigation.

To create an action submenu

  1. Open the development environment, choose Tools, and then choose Object Designer.

  2. In Object Designer, select a page, and then choose Design to open Page Designer. For example, select page 22, the Customers list page. You can create a submenu on a new or existing page.

  3. To open Action Designer, on the View menu, choose Page Actions.

  4. In Action Designer, you can see all the existing actions for the page. Use the shortcut menu on any row, and then choose New to create a new row for your action submenu.

  5. Type a Name for your submenu item, and then choose Caption. The other fields are filled in automatically.

  6. Select ActionGroup from the Type drop-down. If you select ActionGroup, the SubType field remains blank.

    You have now created an Action submenu.

  7. To add an action to your action submenu, create a new row below the ActionGroup you just created. Give your action a name, and set Type to Action in the drop-down.

  8. Use the right and left indentation arrows to indent your new action one space below ActionGroup.

    For more information, see How to: Add Actions to a Page.

  9. Save and compile the page.

  10. To preview your action submenu, in Page Designer, choose the Preview button.

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