You can specify if the debugger breaks on record changes. If the debugger is set to break on record changes, then it breaks before creating, modifying, or deleting a record. The following table shows each record change and the C/AL functions that cause each change.

Record change C/AL functions

Create a new record

INSERT Function (Record)

Update an existing record

MODIFY Function (Record), MODIFYALL Function (Record), RENAME Function (Record)

Delete an existing record

DELETE Function (Record), DELETEALL Function (Record)

By default, the debugger is not set to break on record changes.

For more information about how to open the Debugger window, see Activating the Debugger.

To break on record changes

  1. In the Debugger window, on the Home tab, in the Breakpoints group, choose Break Rules.

  2. In the Debugger Break Rules window, select the Break On Record Changes check box, and then choose the OK button.

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