After you have created and designed a report, you can add the report to the interface of the page so that users can view the report.

For more information about other ways to run reports, see How to: Run Reports.

The following procedure explains how to make a report available from the Customer List page by adding the report to the promoted actions pane.

To make a report available from a page

  1. In the development environment, open Object Designer, and then choose Page.

  2. Select the page to display the report, such as Page 22, Customer List.

  3. Choose Design to open the page in Page Designer.

  4. Select an empty row in the designer.

  5. On the View menu, choose Page Actions to open Action Designer.

  6. Scroll down to the ActionContainer that has Reports as its subtype.

  7. Right-click the row where you want to add the new action, and then choose New.

  8. On the new row, in the Caption column, enter a name for the action, and in the Type column, select Action.

  9. On the View menu, choose Properties to open the Properties window for the new action.

  10. In the Value field of the RunObject property, choose the drop-down arrow, and then select the new report that you want to run in the Object List window.

  11. Set the Promoted property to Yes, and then set the PromotedCategory property to Report.

  12. Compile and save the page.

  13. Open the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client, in the Search box, enter Customers and then choose the related link to open the Customers page.

    The report is added to the list of promoted actions on the Customers page.

  14. Choose the action to run the report.

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